In 1957 the first Winter Carnival since the beginning of the war was planned. It was a great success with more than a thousand people in attendance.

In 1958 the ski lift went into operation.

In 1960 the toboggan chute was rebuilt and opened. This year was one of the best for the Snow Bowl in 20 years.

In 1962 the toboggan chute had over 3000 users during a week in the middle of January.

In the summer of 1963 the Outing Club cut new trails to double the ski area as well as making a new bunny slope.

In the spring of 1965 a trail was cut for the new T-bar line. "Foxy" and the "Bunny Snare" were extended up the slope.

In February of 1966 it was announced that the Department of the Interior has approved a project in the amount of $125,000 for the Snow Bowl to install a new lift and expansion of the area. A lift all the way to the top of Ragged Mountain and the cutting and grooming of four major trails, power transmission to the area, erection a terminal and base warning hut, snow making equipment, etc. The federal government was to contribute 50 percent of the planning, acquisition and development costs. The T-bar became operational on January 14th.

On November 24th of 1967 the rustic lodge house caught fire, a blaze that apparently started in the basement in the vicinity of a gas hot water heater. Within 36 hours of the blaze, volunteers were busy clearing up the debris and winterizing the basement to make it usable for skiers. By the middle of December the Snow Bowl was ready to go.

On October 15, 1968, a ground breaking ceremony was held at the Snow Bowl for construction of the new A-frame Lodge House.

In 1973, facing the third dismal ski season in 4 years, the directors of the Outing Club decided to explore the possibility of snowmaking equipment. On August 15 the Town of Camden was notified that the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Department of the Interior, had approved a grant of $60,000 for the Snow Bowl snowmaking project.

The new tennis courts were finished in mid-September of 1974.

In mid-January of 1976 the new chair lift and T-Bar became operational. Cross country ski trails were also being completed in the woods in and around the mountain.

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