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Hosmer Pond Update

Snow Bowl staff will also begin removing chairs and T-bars from the cables immediately following closing.
The lift installer, Ski Lifts Unlimited, will arrive about March 23 with several pieces of heavy equipment. They will begin by removing cables and then towers from the chairlift and both T-bars.
Once most of the snow is gone, a trail building/ snowmaking installation contractor will begin work on removing stumps and grading the alpine trails, as well as beginning work on a new approach to the multi-purpose “22 Tacks” trail.
An electrical contractor will be running new power lines across the parking lot and 3-phase power to several locations around the base area and up the hill.
As you can see in the drawings, most of the ski area will be impacted by the construction. It will be a large construction site. Several mountain bike trails will be temporarily removed. Access to 22 Tacks and the Hosmer Brook Trail will be affected.
Once the project is underway, several crews may be working  in various places on the mountain at any given time. People will be going up and down all the trails in various vehicles, from snowmobiles to ATVs, grapple skidders, harvesters, cranes, excavators and other equipment. Large parts of the parking lot will be used for equipment storage, tree limbing, chipping and loading operations, fabrication areas and log yarding.
As far as public access goes, logging operations and lift and trail construction sites are dangerous. Equipment operators often cannot see pedestrians. When others are present, it can be dangerous for them and the equipment operators. For these reasons, much of the Snow Bowl will be off limits at various times during the spring, summer, and fall. Because it is a complex project with a variety of contractors and much of the work dependant on the weather, we cannot predict what areas will be affected at what times.
We will close the gate at the entrance to the parking lot when necessary. We will, when it is possible and safe, allow access to 22 Tacks, and possibly the Hosmer Brook trail. We will post updates here on the website about accessibility, as well as at the gate.
Please help us accomplish this large project as quickly and safely as possible and observe posted areas, gates and signs. We plan to keep as much of the area open to the public as possible, but kindly observe and respect our work-site boundaries as we create them. We will try to be clear about where they are and your safety.
For alternative areas for hiking and dog-walking, please see the Parks and Rec Department map and guide, click here
Thanks for your understanding.

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