Covid-19: Ski Well Be Well

We all want to ski and ride. And we all need to follow guidelines to maintain the health and safety of you, our guests, our staff and our communities.

We’re doing our part:
• Face coverings are required
• Physical distancing will be in effect
• Daily employee wellness checks
• Increased cleaning and disinfection
• Following state and local regulations

Here’s how you can help us:
• Plan ahead so you know what to expect
• Wear your face covering
• Follow distancing protocols
• Arrive together, ride together
• Stay home if you feel sick

2020-2021 Snow Bowl Operation Details

Details below are subject to change, as Maine’s pandemic situation evolves. As state officials adjust reopening guidelines, the Snow Bowl will adjust restrictions and plans to help best maintain the safety and well-being of guests, staff and the community.

2020-2021 Camden Snow Bowl Season Pass Buyer’s COVID-19 Assurance

Based on what we know now, we do not believe COVID-19 will prevent the Camden Snow Bowl from opening this winter. In the event things change and we are not able to open at all this winter due to additional government-mandated shutdowns, our season passes remain nonrefundable, but the Camden Snow Bowl will now apply full or partial credit of paid 2020-2021 season passes toward 2021-2022 passes. Credit is non-transferable.

This assurance applies specifically to the risks associated with COVID-19. Operating dates affected by weather are not applicable in this assurance.

If, due to COVID-19, the Camden Snow Bowl opening is delayed beyond January 1st, all paid passholders will receive a pro-rated credit for the time lost, to be automatically applied to their 2021-2022 season pass purchase. If, due to COVID-19, the Camden Snow Bowl closes before March 1st, all pass holders will receive a pro-rated credit to be automatically applied to the 2021-2022 season pass purchase.

(Effective 10/20/2020)

Season Pass Sales

Goal: Limit physical contact, eliminate need to access office for purchasing, payment, photo-taking, card pickup, etc.

• Season Pass Early Bird Rate runs Sept. 1 – Oct. 31, 2020.
• Purchase online, download forms online or pick up at Town Office
• Use last years’ photos when possible; new passholders can email/text a photo or mail a photo.
• Snail mail season passes or pick up at location/date TBD.
• See the Season Pass Buyer’s Covid-19 Assurance above.

Day Ticket Sales

Goal: Limit lengthy physical contact, maintain physical distance protocols.

• Open dedicated ticket window on back deck.
• Ticket side is enter only, one-way traffic.
• Max. two singles/traveling groups in ticket side.
• One member of party inside building, others wait outside.
• One station dedicated to day ticket sales and rental sales (advance reservation only).
• One station dedicated to Ski School sales (advance registration only).


Goal: Limit physical contact, expedite fitting, sizing, pickup of rental equipment.

• Phone-in and reserve rentals in advance only.
• Pay and sign upon arrival (transaction at ticket POS).
• Rental equipment will be pre-assigned and marked
• One party at a time for rental equipment pick up, final adjustments.
• Singles or traveling parties only, no stranger mixing.
• Rental side door is EXIT ONLY

Ski School

Goal: Limit physical contact to set up lessons, maintain safe distance protocols during lessons

• Private lesson requests must be made in advance.
• Private lessons available to singles and small traveling groups.
• Walk-in and daily group lessons not available.
• Instructors scheduled by-lesson to eliminate indoor loitering in limited space.
• Ski School will work within PSIA-AASI recommendations for providing safe and effective 2020-2021 ski season instruction.

Training Center – Race Programs

Goal: Maintain physical distance protocols.

• COACHES ONLY in the training center building due to space constraints.
• Friday Night Racing – details to come.
• Racing Events – Follow U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association guidelines.
• School Racing – details to come.
• All race programs are subject to outside participation and interest as the season gets closer.

Ski Patrol

Goal: Maintain health, safety and privacy for guests and ski patrol volunteers per NSP guidelines.

• Ski patrol to follow Covid-19 guidelines from National Ski Patrol. Protocols, procedures, staffing and equipment changes will be made as needed to meet Covid-19 guidelines.
• Lower level of lodge will be reallocated to provide more space and a second triage bay for Ski Patrol.

Snow Bowl Lodge

Goal: Maintain physical distancing guidelines.

• Due to the layout of the lodge, which has limited options to maintain adequate physical distance between guests and limited ventilation options, the lodge at this date will remain closed to the public during the 2020-2021 ski season.
• As state officials adjust pandemic guidelines, restrictions on public access to the lodge may change.
• Portable toilets will be installed around the Snow Bowl facility for guests.
• Food and beverage service, if it can be made available, will be served outdoors.
• Daylong parking for larger vehicles and/or campers will be provided as space allows.