31st annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships are ON!

Online Registration for Toboggan Teams is live again. Please be patient due to high demand the site sometimes stalls.

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It’s official…

The 2022 U.S. National Toboggan Championships will be held Feb. 11-13. The 31st annual Toboggan Nationals, originally scheduled for Feb. 5-7, 2021, were postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration for the 2022 races is LIVE. No phone calls to register or buy limited parking spaces please. Registration will be available online, with options to vie for limited reserved and pit parking spaces for groups and teams. The registration form will be posted here as well for those who wish download and print the form,  pay with check or cash, and either mail or drop off registration at the Snow Bowl.

Given the current state of the pandemic and high vaccination levels in Maine, the Organizing Committee will continue to monitor Maine’s Covid mandates. Covid Assurance: If the 2022 event is cancelled by state or town officials due to Covid, all 2022 paid registrations will roll over to the 2023 Toboggan Nationals event.

The U.S. National Toboggan Championships are annually held in February at the Camden Snow Bowl. The Toboggan Nationals was conceived in 1991 as a mid-winter lark and a way to celebrate the rebuilding of the historic 400-foot-long wood toboggan chute, which was originally constructed by community volunteers in the 1930s. The event has grown to become an important economic engine for the Midcoast, with thousands of racers and spectators trekking to town during the shoulder season.

We look forward to seeing our returning teams in 2022, and to welcome newbies and spectators to this one-of-a-kind Maine event!

A look back at 2020 U.S. Toboggan National Championships

For 29 volunteer firefighters from Rockport, Maine, competing in the 2020 U.S. National Toboggan Championships was all about sharing an unforgettable outdoor experience that would bring them closer as a team than ever before.

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2020 U.S. National Toboggan Championships Winners

 2-Person Division

1st: #19 – Twice Baked, 9.45, 9.45, 18.9

Jay McCrum, Christine Whitmore (Bridgewater, ME)

2nd: #74 – Two Wingnuts, 9.4, 9.52, 18.91

Jim Jefferson, Jon Mitchell (Searmont, ME)

3rd: #17 – Bolt 2, 9.45, 9.5, 18.95

Peter Soule, Douglas Kennedy, (Medway, MA)

3-Person Division

1st: #179 – Schooner Olad, 9.34, 9.39, 18.73

Joseph Drenski, Jason Lincoln, Mark Embury (Hope, ME)

2nd: #140 – Spudrunner 3, 9.36. 9.37, 18.73

Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Darrell McCrum (Bridgewater, ME)

3rd: #141 – Deedles, 9.37, 9.38, 18.75

Dayna McCrum, Christine Whitmore, Ava Whited (Bridgewater, ME)

 4-Person Division

1st: #360 – Four Wingnuts, 9.21, 9.29, 18.50

Jim Jefferson, Graham McKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

2nd: #354 – Refit Misfits, 9.22, 9.28, 18.50

Jim Jefferson, Graham MacKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

3rd: #259 – Whiskey on Ice, 9.25, 9.27, 18.52

Jonathan Maxcy, Josh Brow, Ted Sealey, Joel Perry (Warren, ME)

Fastest Time Overall (qualifying runs)

#354 – Refit Misfits, 9.26

Jim Jefferson, Graham McKay, Rob Stevens, Randy Whistler (Searsmont, ME)

Fastest All-Females

#183 – Sue-personic, 9.28

Susan Milikon, Terri Campbell and Alexis Campbell (Lyman, ME)

Fastest Students

#340 – Greater Houlton Christian Academy, 9.44

Ava Whited, William Whited, Aby Duff, Teanne Ewings (Bridgewater, ME)

Best Crafted Toboggan

#280 – Pennsylvania State Champions

Linda Carangia and Al Twombly (Chalfont, PA)

Oldest Team

#4 – Frogs on a Log 2, Average age: 78.5

Pete Spencer-77 and  Chip Meury-80 (Bristol, ME)

Best Costume

1st: #253 – Shear Madness

Sarah Maxcy, Carrie Overlock, Amanda Overlock, Jessica Maxcy (Warren, ME)

2nd: #150 – Pandamonium

Vanessa Bemis, Violet Bemis, Tatyana Osterday (Stockton Springs, ME)

3rd: #218 – Straight Off the Couch

Karen Jimenez, Jennifer McKeon, Donna Gilchrist (So. Thomaston, ME)

Experimental Division

#420 – Magic Carpet Ride, 9.25, 9.2, 18.50

Dan Littlefield, Zeb Hills, Jeff Smith, Elliot Freeman (Belfast, ME)

Worlds  1st place, 4-Person, 1991-2019

(2018, 2019) Spudrunner 4, 9.33

Fred Whited, Ethan Birmingham, Ben Buckely, Zack Grass (Bridgewater, ME)

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